The Chris Collins Foundation, Inc.

is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Mission Statement

Shining a light on mental illness.

Our goal is to heighten awareness and advance education about mental illness, especially in schools, by developing and/or enhancing existing programs that will help promote early detection of mental illness and encourage help-seeking and support when needed. 

It is important to Chris’ loved ones that the social stigma of the disease is washed away, the illness' prevalence in our communities is recognized, and we learn to identify and care for those who may be suffering.

The Peer-2-Peer model we’re promoting comes from a program the University of Michigan began in 2009 in Ann Arbor high schools. It is built on the premise that teens are more likely to listen to their friends than to well-meaning adults. The program is a student-led initiative where peer-leaders serve as positive role models that help shape social norms and attitudes regarding mental illness. They build an awareness campaign as a learning experience and then spread their knowledge and understanding to others in the school.

The program provides opportunities for students to gain leadership skills, educate their peers and their community about the important issues surrounding mental illness. The P2P program works to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma of mental illness and increase the likelihood of early detection and help-seeking.